About Delia

Are you looking to take control over your health and improve your quality of life so you can thrive and live your best life?

If the answer is yes, then nice to meet you!

I'm a naturopathic nutritional practitioner and a psychologist with a huge passion for the healing power of food, nutrients and lifestyle choices over body, mood & behaviour.

My aim is to get to the roots of the problem, and to show you the link between your symptoms and the foods you may be eating as well as your lifestyle.

I absolutely love seeing the positive changes the food and lifestyle can make on someone’s life quality. If you struggle with low mood, anxiety, fatigue, bad skin, weight gain and general low quality of life, wouldn’t you like to do something about this?


How do I work?

On confirmation of your booking I will send you a short health questionnaire which will need to be returned via email at least 48 hours before our first consultation.

During the first consultation I take a full case history in order to evaluate individual needs and develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme tailored to support your health and vitality. The consultation will last approx 80 minutes and you will be provided with a written case report (usually within 48 hours after the consultation), handouts and practical tools to start you wellness journey.

A 45 minutes follow-up consultation will take place after 4-6 weeks of your initial consultation in order to discuss any changes that have taken place and make any appropriate adjustments to your programme.

A bit more about me

I am fascinated by the human brain, emotions and behaviour so after becoming a primary school teacher, I’ve decided to get a degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences. Then, while studying for my Master’s Degree, I had the opportunity to be involved in a study research about the effects of certain foods on behaviour and that's how it all started...I had to learn about nutrition, about the effects of different nutrients on the body and I was hooked. I didn’t care about doing a PHD anymore, all I wanted to do is learn about the holistic way of taking care of the body. And I’ve started researching naturopathy, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy hoping to find the best form of natural medicine for me. I have happily decided to study naturopathic nutrition and I haven’t looked back ever since.

The 3-year course in nutrition and naturopathy was not an easy breeze as I initially thought. I mean how hard can it be to learn about what to eat, right? Well, I was totally wrong. We had to learn from anatomy, physiology and biochemistry to nutrition, stress management techniques, herbs, interactions between drugs and herbs and foods, and so many others. Naturopathic medicine is based on assessing the causes of disease and providing therapeutic protocols to address root causes rather than just symptoms, and identifying ways to help prevent illness. I’ve spent endless hours reading books, attending seminars and tutorials, doing study cases, essays and studying loads of research papers. But the best part of all was the practical one where I’ve had to meet clients and do consultations.


I sit additional training on a regular basis as I aim to keep up to date with the latest research. Some of the areas I have completed additional training in are:


Dysglycemia and Related Disorders

Autoimmune Conditions

Adrenal Fatigue

Inflammation and chronic diseases

Energy Adaptation


I’m a balanced lifestyle addict and, unless medically needed, I preach balance in everything. So, on my blog you will see me posting gluten free as well as gluten full recipes, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meal options....you get the idea.


I’m a huge believer that a healthy lifestyle (this includes healthy eating and mind-set) is paramount for our health & happiness, so I hope I can inspire you on your own wellness journey.


Please feel free to say hello on Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter!

If you need my help, you can book a consultation here, or if you wish to be inspired, you can read my blog here.

Be happy and be healthy!x

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