Delicious and simple - smoothies

I’m a huge fan of smoothies because they are so quick to make and, if you know what ingredients to use, they can be very nourishing.

In the morning, when I have to go to work, or when I come back from the gym and I can’t be bothered to do much, I chuck a few ingredients in the blender and voila: happy tummy, happy cells and happy Del :)

I will post different smoothie ideas, but the main thing to remember when you make one is to ensure you add:

  • protein: hemp, organic whey, pea protein.

  • good fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, chia seeds, coconut oil.

  • no more than two types of fruit

  • ideally, some superfoods (collagen powder, maca powder, baobab powder, cocoa powder, spirulina).

  • As a liquid base, try to use filtered water or any type of nut milk.

A smoothie is my prefered method to eat my leafy greens, so I almost always add some spicanch, or kale, or any green leaves I've got in the frige.

You can be so creative with your smoothie and ajust to your taste. It's all about nourishing those lovely cells of yours :)

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