Fermented cabbage and cauliflower

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

A healthy gut flora is considered to be essential for a proper digestion, for a good immune system, for the skin’s health, for balanced hormones, or a healthy brain.

We used to think that bacteria are harmful but now we know that there are different types of bacteria and not only they can be harmless, but they are actually quite helpful. So much research has been done lately about the importance of a healthy microbiome for our general health, that it is almost impossible to have any nutritional recommendations protocol without mentioning the need of increasing the good bugs (aka probiotics, or beneficial bacteria) in our gut.

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, fermented vegetables, miso, kimchi can help increase the beneficial bacteria in our gut. These foods though are histamine rich, so if you know you have histamine intolerance, you may want to stay away from them.

I know these fermented foods can be quite expensive, so I thought I’d share an easy and cheap way to ferment your vegetables at home. My personal favourites are fermented cauliflower and cabbage. You will need airtight jars which can seal hermetically, I like the Kilner ones.

Ingredients (for a two litre jar):

Cauliflower or/and cabbage

1 sliced carrot


2 tbsps Himalayan or Celtic salt

5 bay leaves

1 chilli pepper

Dried dill flowers (optional)

2.5 L water


Boil the water with the salt, bay leaves and peppercorns.

Add the cauliflower or/and cabbage to the jar along with the carrot, chilli pepper and the dried dill flower.

Leave the boiled water to cool down for 10-15 minutes then add it to the jar. You don’t have to strain the peppercorns or bay leaves.

After you fill the jar, wait one or two minutes, then add more water. It is important to ensure the veggies are all under water:

Seal the jar and leave it in a cool place for at least one month. Then the fermented veggies are ready to eat either on their own or added to salads, or main meals. They are very tasty by the way!

You can bet your healthy bugs will have a party :)

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