Greeny creamy smoothie

This smoothie has such a nice taste and creamy texture, no wonder I became quite obsessed with it lately. During winter months, I tend to use less frozen fruit and veggies in my smoothies, so most ingredients are at room temperature. #smoothiecrush

For my Greeny creamy smoothie I use only 5 ingredients and they are all I need to ensure I have my protein, fats and carbs included.

Most of my smoothies are green thanks to an amazing superfood that I use: spirulina. When I went to India a while ago I remember talking with a nice lady from a charity who was raising money for malnourished children in Nepal. With those money, they were planning to buy spirulina because this superfood has a high protein content as well as lots of antioxidants, so for those children it was one of the best foods they could have in order to get well.


1 avocado

½ banana

1 tsp spirulina

1-2 tbsp hemp protein

coconut water


Mix all ingredients in a blender, then enjoy!

As it is creamy you may need to use a straw. Don’t forget to get yourself some stainless steel or paper straws :) #saynotoplastic

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