Morning glory

Good morning! Well, you might read this late at night but that’s fine, we’ll consider it’s a beautiful and bright morning.

You may want to stretch your arms and legs so your body can gently wake up. The lovely neck will also want some attention (btw, did you know our head weights around 5 kg?) so you want to gently move your head from side to side a few times. Then, take your arms up to the sky pointing your fingers up and stretch up as much as you can.

After a whole night, you will want to hydrate your body and drink one or two glasses of water. Ideally, it should be at room temperature (or warmer) and with a bit of squeezed lemon in it (if you feel the need to add any sweetener when using lemon, forget about it, plain water is fine). Or, if like me, you like some variation, you may want to add some mint leaves in your water, or some raspberries to get some flavour. The main thing is to hydrate.

The second main thing is to nourish yourself with a delicious breakfast, here are some options:

  • porridge topped with nut butter, goji berries and cinnamon

  • omelette with ghee (aka clarified butter, or you can just use unsalted butter) and spinach or any green leaves

  • avocado on toast and some sprinkled seeds

I will post some of my morning routines (yes, I have a few) and I hope they’ll inspire you.

Don’t forget, every day is unique so make the most of it!

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