New York, New York...

There's something special about this city. It's not my favourite city, yet it has a vibe I get drawn to so I'm ready to use any excuse to go there.

This second NYC escape was with my dear friend who shares my passion for wellness and, considering the vast health restaurant/shops/studios one can find in the Big Apple, we had a blast.

Central Park

Apparently 96 percent of the NYC population lives within a 10-minute walk to a park so there are plenty of outdoor places to run and stroll. Out hotel was conveniently situated near Bryant Park (and Wholefoods Market of course lol), if you ever want a nice location to stay in, I'd highly recommend this area. This park is known as Manhattan's Town Square and there is always something happening there, from yoga classes, to reading or knitting clubs. They even do juggling lessons in the park... And of course I couldn't help myself and had to join a downward dog session :)

Bryant Park

Across the street from Bryant Park there's a Wholefoods Market so you can grab your lunch/dinner from there and then eat it in the park, that's what the locals do ;)

You can see a healthy restaurant or salad bar on every corner, a fitness studio everywhere, plus there are some interesting wellness concepts spaces there...a dream!

Talking about wellness concept spaces, one place we both feel in love with was the Clean Market (240 E 54th St, New York). They have a cafe, tonic bar, a Vitamin​ ​IV​ ​drip​ ​lounge, whole​ ​body​ ​cryotherapy, a supplements market - this truly was our candy bar.

I had a Brain Coffee (Brain Dust™, organic coffee, Ghee, Brain Octane, coconut butter) and a Glow smoothie (Strawberry, banana, gojis, grassfed collagen, Beauty Dust™, coconut milk, tocos, pink salt) - sooooo delicious.

They also have an infrared sauna and couldn't miss the chance to try it (a post about the benefits of this type of sauna soon).

One of the most enjoyable things to do in NYC is simply take a stroll and absorb the city's vibe. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of ground to cover and because there are so many things to see, you won't want to stop.

Happy travelling!

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