Personalised medicine

I don’t like using the ‘alternative’ medicine term. Why? Simply because its meaning is of unorthodox, unconventional, non-standard medicine and that’s simply not true.

Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine, for example, have been around for thousands of years and they were the main form of medicine. Just because the modern medicine which started about 150- 200 years ago has taken centre stage doesn’t mean that all other forms of medicine are ‘alternative’ or unorthodox.

In an ideal world, all these forms of medicine and therapies would live happily under the same roof and help each other when needed. Thank God for modern medicine and its astonishing evolution! But also Thank God for having the option of using these personalised forms of medicine as well!

The ’take a pill’ method is not serving us too well and I believe we need more than it’s being offered by the actual medicine system.

Metabolically, we are all unique individuals and there is no standard healthy regime or diet suitable for everyone. And here enters the stage the personalised medicine - it sounds so nice. We’re all used to go to our GP who is allowed to spend only a few minutes with us and treat the symptom mainly by prescribing a drug. So, when a naturopath, or nutritional therapist, or any other personalised medicine practitioner deals with our case, we have a bit of a revelation. Why? Because they ask loads of questions in order to gain a full picture and find the underlining cause of the symptoms. And when the cause but not the symptom is treated, it’s pretty obvious we’re looking at a potential full recovery...

Be happy and be healthy! X

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