Strenuous exercise routine plus a busy, stressful lifestyle

Why this might not always be the best combination, especially for those in their 30’s and over.

From the very beginning, I want to point out that exercise should be part of everyones' lifestyle, we are not designed to be couch potatoes or to sit endless hours at our desks.

Most of us have a million things to do and only 24 hours in a day. We push ourselves to complete as many tasks as possible, we strive to be better, smarter, happier (oh well, or at least we try to). The human body is a complex system which adapts, regenerates, regulates and performs many processes at the same time in order to keep in balance. We consume a great amount of energy in order to work and deal with the day to day life.

In addition, stress uses up vast amounts of valuable nutrients and energy, so the body will try to find ways to deal with this by using up nutrients needed by different cells or organs. Adding to this the long working hours and strenuous exercise, it is easy to see how the body’s energy resources can get depleted.

The whole-body mechanism is very smart and will try to always find fuel for cells to cope with the different demands. But, as any fuel resource, it is not endless so eventually we may start feeling tired and unable to deal with the working routine.

It’s like a phone’s battery: when we have a new phone, the battery works fine and lasts a long time even if we stream a lot or use lots of apps at the same time. It’s the same as when we are very young and full of energy to do lots of things. However, after a while of using the phone, this battery starts to drain much quicker and we notice that it helps if we run less applications on it. In the same way, a frequent strenuous exercise routine can deplete the energy resources of the body, therefore, more gentle forms of exercise such as pilates, yoga, gentle swimming or running might be better for some people's adrenal glands and wellbeing.

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