There is no one right diet for everyone!

When I hear someone stating that one certain diet is the best ever diet, I cringe (on the inside of course, but keep a nice smily face on lol). There are so many diets out there like the Mediterranean diet, the ketogenic or the vegan one, they all sound good on paper but a diet shouldn't be followed blindly just because someone we know is following it, or because we've read an article about it...

We all have our own biochemistry and our own nutrient needs, so what might be a great diet for one, it can be disastrous for someone else. You might be surprised to hear that eating only leaves, nuts & seeds does not necessarily mean you have a healthy diet. Of course, it is much better than the sugary, processed foods diet but if your body cannot metabolise and absorb the nutrients, in time, it can lead to health issues.

I am also a big believer that throughout our lives, we need different nutrients, so our diet should always adapt. I do not believe in being on a certain diet for a whole life, unless one is allergic to certain food/s.

Do you think you are eating healthy but:

- have food cravings? 

- feel an energy slump throughout the day?

- you feel sluggish?

- you feel bloated, or have skin problems, headaches, or weight issues? If the answer is yes, then you definitely need some tweaks to your diet.

The bottom line is not to limit yourself and stuck with one way of eating throughout your life. Speak with a nutrition specialist from time to time in order to have a personalised assessment and improve your fuel intake.

Be happy and be healthy! X

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